Substitute/Equivalent IC for 74HC595?

I'm building a 24x6 led matrix display that uses some 74HC595 s. As this project was sort of sponsored by the school, I get to draw parts from the component store. However, they didn't have 74HC595 s. However there were other 8bit shift registers and I'm not sure whether those will work perfectly with the arduino uno. I'm pretty new to shift registers. Below are the list of shift registers

4035 ( 4-Bit Parallel in / Parallel Out Shift Register )
74LS379 ( Quad Parallel Register )
4076 ( 4 Bit D Type Register )
IC : 74LS166 ( 8 Bit Shift Register )
74LS323 ( 8 Bit Shift/Storage Register )
74LS164 ( S/P Shift Register )
4015 ( Dual 4 Bit Static Shift Register )
74LS194 ( 4 Bit Bi-Dir Shift Register )
74LS299 ( 8 Bit Shift/Storage Register )
7496 ( 5 Bit Shift Register )
74LS195 ( 4 Bit Shift Register )
74199 ( 8 Bit Bi-Directional Universal Shift Register )
4014 ( 8 Bit Static Shift Register )
4006 ( 18 BIT Static Shift Register )

Which one will work similarly with the 74HC595?
Thanks in advance

Check their datasheets at

A 74CH595 is a 2-stage serial to parallel shift register. You serial shift in 8 bits into stage 1, then use a 2nd clock to move the data in parallel into stage 2.

A single stage serial to parallel shift register will also work, the outputs will change tho as the data is shifted in. If driving LEDs, this may be seen as flicker as the bits are loaded in using the shiftout() command.
You can use a single stage and add another 8-bit register (like 74S373, 374) after the shift register to mimic the 2nd stage of the HC595 if the flicker will be a problem, or if you have several devices that that you want to share the data and clock line across (such as if using SPI to send data out).