Substitute NTE2019 for ULN2004A in Stepper Knob (unipolar) example??

Can't get my hands on a 2004 - closest thing locally was an NTE2019, an 8 channel Darlington Array, 6v - 15v (I'll have it switching 12v to run the stepper). Will this work? Will it let the smoke out of my Uno board?

Will this work?

Yes but you need to add a resistor between each Arduino pin and the input, Use anything from 1K to 10K. The ULN2004 has them (sort of ) built in.

EDIT:- Sorry that was for the NTE2016 - you should be alright to miss them out on the NTE2018 and 19. Note you need to be switching 6V or greater for this chip to work.

Thanks, Grump - I'll give it a shot as soon as I find where I put the pinout for the stepper wires, or find my VOM, or Harbor Freight gives a cheap one away this week!

Looking at the datasheet, it's not clear to me why they use a '2004 not the much more common '2003... If you need 8 channels, there's the '2803 and '2804 (available in DIP too). I think '2003/'2803 will work....