Success with e-Paper on the 1st try

I purchased an Good Display 2.7" PN GDEW027W3-2. I ordered it with the adapter board.

Today I got it hooked to a lowly Arduino 3.3v 8Mhz Pro Mini.

I ran the sample program from Good Display: GDEW027W3_Arduino.ino Bingo!

I only post this so folks on the fence about e-Paper feel more comfortable. Of course now I have to write the code to display what I want.

I love my old kindle with its e-paper screen. What other applications would you have in mind for it?
How does the partial refresh work?

I am planning on making a home "status" panel. I will likely end up with a bigger display but this is good for starters.

I have not tried partial display yet. I only just got it going. I will update as I make progress. There are so few folks writing e-Paper posts I thought I would add a running commentary on my success (or failure).

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