Success with Ebay Stuff

Boards From Ebay.

Level shifters are a necessary evil with 3 volt tft’s.
But need lots of wires, found a Level Shifter without pins!

Have tried pro mini 3 volt but sketch size can be an issue.

Display TFT From eBay

Level Shifter from Ebay

The level shifter has been piggy backed onto the TFT using female headers (removeable)
Wired the 3 volts to the Level shifter and the display thats the pin with Purple wire
Ground wired in same way Black wire

Images Level Shifter on Back of Display and Working Display

Personally, I just find it easier to use a 3.3V Arduino. e.g. Seeeduino, M0_Pro, Due, … or a 3.3V MBED e.g. FRDM, NUCLEO. I just make an adapter shield that receives the display and plugs straight into the Arduino headers. By the time that you have hand-wired the adapter, you just wish that a nice Chinese gentleman would produce an ILI9341 SPI shield with level-shifters. After all, the production cost would be about the same as the typical mcufriend 8-bit parallel shields.

However, that level convertor looks quite attractive. Especially if the pins coincide nicely.

I note that you have completely ignored the SD and Touch controller.


I note that you have completely ignored the SD and Touch controller.

There would be little point bothering with the touch controller, his display lacks the necessary touch controller ic.

But a neat solution all in all.



Ah-ha. I noticed that it was a Touch capable pcb. I had not noticed that the OP had removed the Touch Controller chip. It also looks as if the header pins have been clipped off.

It is a very neat solution for a 5V Arduino.


Board came with no chip, cost £2.94 delivered:)

This probably explains why it was cheap!

Did it also come with mutilated header pins?

Does it actually have a Touch panel above the TFT ? The photo looks as if it has a tiny 4-way ribbon at the bottom left hand corner.

Note that Touch panels reduce the clarity and brightness of the TFT. But not nearly as much as the protective plastic film on your photo.


Edit. Looking at your Ebay link, there is no TFT controller chip. There is no Touch Panel installed.
Looking at your JPEG, it matches the Ebay link. Looking at a "fully-assembled" module, the Touch Panel's 4-way ribbon is "top-left-hand" side and is very big.

Your module is no more functional than the 2.2" versions. Since you would need to obtain a Touch Panel as well as the Touch Controller chip, there seems little point in trying to make it whole. You can buy a real one: 2.4" 240x320 SPI TFT LCD Touch Panel Serial Port Module With PBC Ili9341 5v/3.3v for sale online | eBay
Or even one from UK stock:

You must admire the Ebay vendors that describe your module as "Touch". At least your vendor is honest!

Dont need touch yet, price for me was good as just a display, but a 3 week wait.
I clipped the pins off and no ribbon cable for touch.
Have you found any 5volt (logic pins) TFT's.
Have one from Mcufriend but just flickering white screen using a sketch from Smoke and mirrors Touch Screen Shield for Arduino UNO –

Quite honestly, the mcufriend UNO shields are excellent value. And they are electrically correct. i.e. you can run them safely on 3.3V logic or 5V logic.

All that you need to do is read the ID of the controller to a Serial terminal. Then use a library that supports that particular controller. Most libraries support more than one controller. My library supports 7 specific controllers.

If you have a controller that I do not currently support, I would be happy to add support if you are prepared to run test sketches and report the results by PM.

Yes, it would be really nice to have a ready-made UNO shield that contained a SPI TFT, SPI Touch, SPI microSD socket with the appropriate level-converters for 3.3V and 5V operation. This arrangement would only use the 3x2 SPI header + 6 GPIO pins for chip-selects, irq, reset, register-select. i.e. 9 pins leaving 11 GPIO pins for your application.

Until a nice Chinese person produces this shield, you just have to hand-wire your own versions.

Regarding price. Yes, things are cheap from China but you have a long wait. I am waiting for a ILI9335 shield.


See pics for tft/shield, Mcufriend Data states chip 7781 but printed on TFT LCD Shield(ili9341)
Run graphics test from Smoke and Mirrors site.
See screen grab of results.
Only get a white flickering when running sketch,
Any pointers,
Have raise Q. with Seller

graphicstest.ino (9.39 KB)

Missing bits…

tftdata.pdf (75.3 KB)

Well, you can never believe what Ebay vendors say.
It is a pretty big clue when it says ILI9341 on the pcb !

The old version of MCUFRIEND_kbv.h library does not support the 9341. My current version does.
I have a 9341 shield that I can try with the SWTFT.h library. I would assume that it should work.


Edit. Just tried the SWTFT.h example. It only works for a ST7781 controller. It makes no attempt to support an ILI9341. (my SWTFT was installed on 24 Sep. There may be a later version)