such thing as a led socket?

prototyping some led matrices. Is there such a thing as a led socket similar to a dip socket? Although leds are relatively cheap, being able to pop leds in and out would be great.

yeah there is, but I can't remember what they're called either - try eBay maybe?

2 pin LED cradle?

here's a wired version, so there must be a PCB version as well

i found these. but they're .53 a piece. id think something like that would be cheaper. I need 250 of them, so thats 125+ :'(.

Something along the lines of this should do the job:

You can buy them in large quantities pretty easily too.

Yes. those pin sockets are nice. And you can just break of 2 or 3 or how many you need.

I used a few when i was testing a circuit where i had to try a whole lot of different capacitor /resistor combinations. It works just fine. Just one word of warning, they are no good for permanent circuits, since the components come loose from them quite easy. But for testing they are fine.