Sudden Overheating

we were having a project in which we had to control a quadcopter using its remote connected to quadcopter.
we had quad :- STUNT SKY HERO QUAD :-
The remote , was working on 3.3 V. I tied my 5 V arduino to it, and set the maximum pwm value to 140.
After Some time , we were able to fly it perfectly with automatic arduino code..
Later when it was connected , it sudenly stopped working ,and when i opened it , it showed up that +ve ,and -ve have been short, somewhere....! I dbout that the error was in AMS1117 3.3v reulator, as possibly arduino was suppliying 5 v to i.. what should i do to fix it.should i replace it ?
Reply ASAP !

First thing to do is find what caused the problem. Once you are certain you have fixed that, then look at each part separately to check they are ok. Once you are satisfied what part is faulty, ask again with more information.