Suddenly my upload button does its stuff and then goes into "AVRDUDE"

I have been using Arduino sketch software for some time, but today, suddenly my upload button does its stuff and then goes into "AVRDUDE" which seems to try to reprogram the chip, which I have NOT asked it to do at all.

I have tried all sorts of settings but to no avail, it keeps uploading, apparently successfully, and then this AVRDUDE thing pops up in orange and my board is not responding - If I load a terminal window nothing happens according to my sketch, which was working just fine earlier today ?

Any ideas how this has got triggered please, and more especially - HOW DO I STOP IT FROM TRYING TO REPROGRAM MY ARDUINO UNO

Thanks folks

The function of the upload button is to 're-program' the arduino. Did you enable the extra output (can't remember what it is called) under preferences in the ide?

Its called "verbose output", it is under preferences. It just tells you some debug information. And btw, "upload" re-programs your arduino, that's its entire purpose of existence. What else do you expect it to do?

Wonder if you might have mixed up the "verify" and the "upload" buttons--the two circular buttons in the upper left corner of the Arduino IDE. The left one (with the check mark) compiles without uploading. The right one (with the arrow) compiles and then uploads (or tries to).

best, Michael

Gentlemen,, Thanks for your responses, I am of course aware of the fact that we do indeed program the arduino, I suspect I mislead you by not saying that I assumed it was trying to program the EEprom on the arduino's atmega chip, not simply loading the user program if you follow me.

As assumed, I had indeed somehow turned on the verbose option for uploading, which is what gave the (to me at least) misleading final section of the log.

So, User finger trouble by yours truly basically. Sorry about that, but I appreciate the rapid responses form you all. Ian