Suggest allowing changes to compiler flags

I asked about this elsewhere with no response, so I gather it can't be done yet.

Since this part of the forum is for "mods to the IDE" I suggest this:

Make the compiler flags configurable (eg. an entry in preferences.txt). That way you can ramp up warning levels, change the optimization amount, and do other similar and useful things.

The default could be the current behaviour, but this part could be modified:

-g -Os -w -fno-exceptions -ffunction-sections -fdata-sections

For example, you might want to enable exceptions, or change to -O3 or something. Certainly you might want more warnings.

You sound like the type of person who might enjoy another IDE

NetBeans and Eclipse are both awesome, and since you seem to be familiar with the compiler options, using a makefile should be no problem for you

Thanks. I'll check them out.

I tried to use low-level gcc with make, and whilst I understand how they work together, I see that the default IDE does quite a bit of work behind the scenes. It seemed a shame to throw all that away, just to get some extra warnings, but it is always nice to have other options.

Thanks again, obviously there are lots of ways of approaching this. :slight_smile: