Suggest DSP ?


I have a (self eduacational) project in mind.

I want to build a simple guitar effects pedal.

I need a DSP processor with one input and two outputs.

Any suggestion is welcome!

I don’t think that anything with a DSP qualifies as “simple”, but you might want to look at the PIC30F series. These are microcontrollers with DSP capabilities, and are more “approachable” than most DSPs (pricewise, packagewise, etc.)

You my be better off asking here

really friendly bunch!

I am not certain why you think I can not handle the challenge DSPs offer :-?, other that the fact that I have to ask for one with one input and stereo output (as a bare minimum) :wink:

The pedal is going to be simple.
Not the making of it.

I am simply asking for a simple DSP (simple architecture, not simple programming).

I know java c# c/c++ plus some other highlevellanguages and some assembly. At least for AVRs and MIPS R4000 (PSP).
I think google will help me learn DSPs as well.

I do not want PICs and no DIY Clones :] but thank you for the time and intent :slight_smile:

I am not certain why you think I can not handle the challenge DSPs offer

I didn’t say that, or mean to imply it. It’s just that a lot of musical effects date back to pre-digital days and the undocumented and loosely-specified fringe effects of assorted “simple” components (eg diode clipping for “fuzz”) Trying to duplicate the effects in the exact world of digital computation can be very … frustrating (indeed, the people building synthesizers and such spend a lot of time looking for “rare” components (transistors, etc) that have to be exactly right to get the sound they’re looking for…)

I do not want PICs

the PIC30s are not so peculiar as the old PIC microcontrollers, but…
TI has recently added a bunch of low cost eval boards for some of the DSP (and they’ve reclassified their low-end DSPs as “microcontrollers with math-intensive cores” :slight_smile: I don’t know that I can comment on architectural simplicity or the lack thereof, but TI DSPs are certainly one of the industry standards. This one looks almost correct? Has line in and headphone out, anyway…

Reading my post now I see that my writing sounded a lot more angy than I intended it to. I apologize for this.

I have had a look at Texsas Instruments, Analog Devices and also som Atmels.

Is there anyone here that has programmed a DSP before?
Thank you for input so far, and any input is helpful.

I can tell you more about the project. It might make it more understandable why I want a DSP:

I am making a soundprocessor [for live instruments] with a graphical scripting environment, and attachable sensors.
Say you are a guitarplayer and need a wah, but youd like to control the wah filter by tilting your guitarneck.
Well, with my system, all you should need is to do is buy a tilt sensor. Create a wah script and assign an input to control the filter.

P.S. I have said that I need one input, but I need stereo in / stereo out.

Have you looked at these:-

It’s analogue design with a digital drag and drop interface. It is ideal for experimenting with audio effects stuff.

Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:

But I’d like to get my hands dirty with some assembler and C.