Suggested device for new project

I've started a project to control multiple traffic signals (my 4 year old son loves traffic lights!). The control of the lights etc. is fine but wanted some input on what device is best to use i.e. which Arduino.

I need a simple way to connect them wirelessly together (I can deal with the code). My original thought was Bluetooth but maybe this is not a good idea when there may be more than 2 devices?

How many traffic lights?
What is the required power supply for each traffic light?
Which devices will have to be connected wirelessly, at what distance, and is there WiFi infrastructure available?
What other peripherals are needed in the project (i.e. push buttons, sensors, displays etc.)?

My first impulse would be to just get one of the ESP32 modules since they're cheap, have WiFi, bluetooth and plenty of processing power and memory for most projects and just call it a day. You might be able to shave off a few bucks by choosing a little less capable platform that just suits your needs, but the savings would be marginal.

Whilst using a wireless solution sounds attractive it does imply that there has to be some form of receiver and decoder for each set of traffic lights, once of which could act as the master controller.

Are you asking which Arduino would be suitable to use as the controller or which would be suitable for use with each set of lights ?

As to wireless, nrf24 is a well known solution unless you want to get into WiFi

There's only 1 data pin needed for each set of traffic lights as I'm using individually addressables. Also only 1 input pin is required for a push button. Maybe will need a datapin if I add a 7 segment display to set an ID per set of traffic lights.
I've got a few NodeMCU's lying around, do you think they will be suitable and support NRF24? I'm planning to have all sets of lights using the same hardware and only those with the same ID will sync up.
The comms only needs to be over a few feet in the same room.

If you have enough NodeMCUs then why not use them using WiFi and control them using a web browser interface ?

They ony need controlling via a button on the device itself, I could add that functionality later but I don't think my 4 year old son would appreciate having to log on to a web page to change the traffic lights :slight_smile:

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