Suggested Display for Project


I am doing a project that involves a dashboard display for a motorcycle. This display needs a large screen for displaying current gear and MPH. It does not have to be high resolution, just needs to be able to tell the driver the information without them having to squint. THis is being done with an arduino UNO and I need other pins for controlling other aspects of the project. My group accidentally ordered a 2.8" TFT screen but it isn’t SPI so we have to return it.

Thank you.

Was the 2.8" screen about the right size?

Honestly it was a little small. I would like to have something like a digital clock display, where a large number on the left would be the gear, and number on right MPH. Would a matrix panel be better for this?

I have bought these
. It is 2.8" SPI.

These have a touch screen but you don't have to use it.
I'd have thought that 2.8" would be enough for displaying MPH ( even 3 figures ) and a gear indicator.

Look at this example:

I did buy a 3.5" parallel display designed for a Uno and it used up most of the pins. I ended up using a dedicated ATMEGA328P to drive it, configured as an I2C slave and invented my own simple protocol on top of I2C to drive it. I also had to hack it to make the back light intensity controllable.