Suggestion: Add a revisions.txt

Just a suggestion, but it would be nice if the beta releases included a revisions.txt like the 1.x releases so we can get an idea of what changed.

--- bill

Changelogs are published on the GitHub releases:
I think it is useful in its own right to have a changelog on GitHub and the initial draft of it is auto-generated by the release process from the commit history.

So I think the best approach is to add a link from the Software page to the GitHub releases page.

Why not have a link to it on the download page:

like what is in the DOWNLOAD OPTIONS box for the pre 2.x releases so people can click on the link to read the release notes for what they are about to download.
That would be very helpful.

Even better, why not also put that information in a text file that is included in the image? So it is in the bundle and never lost after downloading.
The pre 2.x IDE does it.
I do it for my Arduino libraries.
Just saying.....

I pull commit history comments from git to put into my release notes file for my libraries.
It is a little bit tricky to get it into the release, get it committed and then get the tag set that includes it.
But I have a script that builds my releases that handles all that, including patching header files, documentation, readme files, etc.. to automatically update any release numbers, links etc...

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