Suggestion: Energy Supply and Conservation (under Using Arduino) Topic

Folks, I'd like to recommend a new Topic under the Using Arduino Section of the Arduino Fórums.

Energy Supply and Conservation. This could cover every thing from Solar and Battery Technology, as well as Energy Conservation methods for your Microcontrollers and Shields. We could cover Sleep methods, Wake Methods, etc... Disabling/Enabling functionality when unneeded, etc...

This topic needs specific focus, especially as we begin to network our Arduinos to the outside world or place them in remote locations. We can't be running wall warts everywhere, nor constantly changing batteries. All of us need to borrow ideas from one another specific to supplying and conserving energy. Hardware and Software ideas alike can be shared.

I would put it right between General Electronics and Microcontrollers.

Yes, I would also like to support what Peter is suggesting. I think people are finding it increasingly more difficult to find where to place their posts on these topics. And to have a section where it is clear that anything to do with energy conservation would really help.

Plus, it would be a nice new home for me. All those in favour, say eye, yep, the eyes have it :)


I was hoping this idea would get more traction.

I’ve had so much difficulty logging into the fórums, I couldn’t put up any helpful info. So frustrating.

Anyway, I’ve got some solar cells and lithium batteries coming. (logistics are challenging now that I live deeper in Mexico, in the mountains). Some ítems landed in my mailbox in Tucson and a visiting friend is hauling them down on Monday (a 10 hour trip - one way). I’ve determined that the hobby project I’m working on needs to go off the grid. That means power supply and conservation have just become big priorities.


I'm not in favour of creating more sub-topics.

Many ideas or tips in one area can have application in another. And someone who regularly monitors sub-topic X may actually have an answer to a question in sub-topic Y but will never see the question. For example I regularly monitor about 5 sub topics and I don't have time for more.

I do understand the value and convenience of being able to pick out threads that are relevant to an area of interest such as Energy. However I strongly believe this would be achieved in a much more useful way if the forum had a limited selection of subject tags that could be linked to a thread. That way I could find all the threads about energy (for example) regardless of which sub-topic they are contained (hidden?) in.


Robin2: I'm not in favour of creating more sub-topics.


For example I regularly monitor about 5 sub topics and I don't have time for more.

Amen to that.

Hi Peter

Energy conservation is need of the hour, i fully support your idea. Lets get a working model and more people certainly come forward. All my support from this part of the world, that is India..

Regards Vijayan