Suggestion for a relay or a contactor.

Right now I'm controlling lights,power sockets etc using relays controlled by an arduino. I have one device which is left out and that is a one ton split AC which draws 5.4A @ 230VAC (1200W approx). I'm unable to find the right relay. Every relay I find is limited to 3A inductive load. Can anyone suggest any option?

Can anyone suggest any option?

The unit should already have a main motor contactor in it. You might use the small relay to control the typical 24v to the main contactor coil.

The thing is, its already connected to a "stabiliser" and I'm guessing this has the built in relay to initiate the contactor. This "stabiliser" is connected to a 32A DP switch, I have no idea why. I mean why 32A?! If the relay is just initiating the whole process. I do not want to remove the existing switch, I want to add the relay to the existing setup.

Did you google "solid state relay" (images).

Most of them can be driven straight from an Arduino pin. Leo..