Suggestion for a "Start New Topic Wizard" for newbies (like me)

I have read a lot of posts lately looking for interesting things to learn, and possibilities of an Arduino in which I was not aware. I see a LOT of similar conversations about not following proper posting guidelines. I had a thought of a Start New Topic Wizard that would basically walk Newbies through the posting process outlined in the sticky, but task by task instead. I have attached a picture of a sample to illustrate my idea, but it is really up to those with the knowledge to decide what is relevant. Also, if it is possible to have a CODE CHECKER to scan through a post and searches for multiple “;”. If it finds several “;” a pop up asks “Are you sure you want to post as is? Code segments were found without using Code Tags.” I do not know what is required to add a feature like a Start New Topic Wizard to a webpage so forgive my ignorance if it is a LOT of work.

I can understand the frustration a lot of members get dealing with the same issue over and over again. It must seem like “WHY…OH WHY CAN MY DOG NOT STOP CRAPPING ON THE RUG? I have tried everything. Is it that hard to whine at the door?” I think sometimes it slips their mind that it is a different puppy crapping every time.

I know it does not seem like a hard thing to read a couple stickies before you click the “Post” button, but it seems a lot of it is overlooked. Followed by a lot of ridicule. I can also understand the memory lapse or “brain farts” Newbies have when posting…

“Did I say that correctly?
Am I giving too much information, making it too long and deterring anyone from reading?
Oh yea, did I include the part about the thingy-ma-jig? Did I get the numbers right?
Dang i forgot the part where the… what was the acronym again?
Ok, I think I got everything. Check it one more time”


Lol, hang on tight there Newbie. You forgot to paste your code. I only pray after you are told that you remember the part in the 16 steps, How to use this forum - please read., that you read yesterday about code tags. (Surely you will because that is a formatting tool most use regularly.)

This was not to start a debate about who is at fault or pointing fingers. I was just trying to portray what I think it is like on each side of the fence, and wanted to share an idea that I believe may help make threads cleaner, more concise, and more respectable for everyone.

Thanks for your patience and attention

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I rather like the idea, and it would certainly help with the number of posts in French, Italian, German, etc. in the English part of the forum, IF failure to read and follow the instructions failed to enable the post button.

I like the concept but I am not sure how it could be implemented - in the sense of deciding who it should apply to and when it would be safe to let the newbie work without it. Maybe it would only need to apply the first time someone creates a new Thread.

If it were a mandatory system it might have the side benefit of making it much harder to include spam in the Forum because spammers are usually new sign-ups.


I like the idea too.

Maybe just for the first lets say 5 posts to drum it home.

It looks like an expansion of an idea that has been thrown around before but certainly has some merit.

BTW I would have broken down the picture as it is just a splodge when reduced to std forum size.

Good ideas are great an all but getting them implemented...Well thats a topic all of its own... You could shoot it up the the GIT side as a feature request I suppose. Not holding my breath though.