Suggestion for Arduino Leonardo

Part of the USB peripheral development, here are a few sugegstions for USB capability:

  • Joystick:
    That would make a heaven for us Arcade DYers, if we could burn a USB-Joystick firmware.
    it would be awesome to be able to configure the controllers and type (like in the USB enumeration process). I would definitely update my DIY arcade Stick with an Arduino Leonardo!

  • Midi:
    This is certainly under process indeed, and has already been performed as a side project with FTI, so it should be in the tube. Shall it not, allow me to remind how AWESOME it would be for us to develop our own Midi USB powered interfaces with Arduino. That wouldbe a killer indeed.

  • Soundcard (microphone input indeed):
    Being able to enumerate the Arduino as a Mic Mono Input or Sound output would allow artistic/utility applications to be developped and interfaceing to al lot of musician softwares. Think about for example making a DIY Scope using the Arduino as a Soundcard, and this software.

Joystick and Midi are available in Teensyduino, so it's probably only a matter of time until they're ported or reimplemented in Leonardo. If you have a Teensy 2.0, you can use them in Arduino now!

Audio would be really interesting. LUFA does it, with callback and/or tightly coded loops to keep up the speed..... but how would an audio stream integrate with Arduino? Would you pass blocks of samples with Mic.write(buffer, len); ? It's be really easy to get a buffer underrun.

Hi, I am not sure if you have seen this initiative from the Spanish Arduino forum. We have developed a board that we think is compatible with what Leonardo will be. We have currently released Rev B to have some prototypes built, how ever Rev A has been fully tested with:

  • Windows - XP SP3 and 7
  • Mac OSX Lion
  • Linux Ubuntu

Everything is working great out of the box without any changes to the Arduino 1.0 IDE.

You can find all the project information can be found here:

Hope you like it.


The Leonardo clone has a clone!
As it says, the Leonardo clone has been cloned even before Leonardo has made its first appearance in society. Yep, we have found a very nice link in eBay, a seller from China of course thst has clone the good old reliable vinciDuino:

Even if the vinciDuino is not a real clone of Leonardo (mainly because it is not out there yet) this one seams to be fairly close (well almost identical to the vinciDuino)!

The only ugly thing is that they have removed the logos, the open hardware logo and the CC BY-SA license and give no credit to the source at all, but...

Any way it is cool to design a board worth cloning!