Suggestion for custom-made Relay-Ethernet board

I am working on custom board intended to be used in home automation.
Reason for developing such board is due to the fact that it is hard to find such product on the market (affordable) with housing that is ready to be used in home projects.

I would like to hear your honest opinion about this board and suggestion for the final stage.

Board will be equiped with following features:

  • Based on Arduino Leonardo
  • 4x 110/220 5A relay
  • 2x Dry contact inputs
  • Screw terminals for I/O
  • Pin header with connection to other I/O
  • W5100 based Ethernet connection

The issue that I am still thinking about is connection that unit should have.
I am thinking about WiFi or Bluetooth connection instead of wired one.
Intention of this board is to be controlled from mobile phone so bluetooth could be alternative.
On the other side WiFi connection will give unit more flexibility due to the LAN wiring requirements but it will increase overall price significally.

I will develop Android application that will control this unit so lets say that this side is solved.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions