Suggestion for: IDE > Tools > Serial Plotter

Currently the Vertical Scale Adjusts its self automatically.
This is good keep it like that.


It would be very nice if you could add a "Tick box" to fix the Vertical Scale at it's current scale when you tick the box.

Then when you untick the box it goes back to auto scaling.

I think this would improve it, and help people to visualize the readings without having to keep checking what values are given on the left.

Hope you understand what I say.

There are better plotting options out there above and beyond the IDE.
I agree a couple more options might be nice but I found PLXDAQ to be a way better alternative to the serial plotter as it allows you to actually store the values in real time and play with them later.

There is a thread about it somewhere if you use the search option.
Well worth looking at.