respected members im currenlty a passed out high school student persuing my university ....i do have an enormous time left till my new session starts so i have decided to lay my hands on some electronics and robotics stuffs...not only to build one but to understand and learn from the very beginning ...i do have programming knowledge about C++ as im a computer science basically i want suggestion from u experienced guys that to start learning about audrino what are the books i may need to assist me and the hardwares i need to buy..if u could specify the lists it would be great.....pls do consider that its the first time im onto a robotics related ur guidance could be of great help!!!

Welcome to the forum.

I recommend visit your local library and see what they have for Arduino books, and check out one or two. If you are looking to buy, I liked Arduino Cookbook and Learn Arduino Programming in 24 hours. One of our forum members wrote Arduino for Teens.

Regarding electronics to buy, there are starter kits available, just pick one. Or I made my own by looking online for variety packs of things like resistors, capacitors, dupont wires that are male to male, male to female, and female to female, a 3 AA battery holder, a 4 AA battery holder, breadboard, breadboard power supply and corresponding 9VDC wall wart, some general purpose transistors such as 2N3904, some LEDs of various colors, and some 9g cheap hobby servos, and get at least 2 Arduino-compatible boards such as Uno. A lot of this stuff is available on eBay for $1 to $4 USD shipping included, so you can put together a pretty nice kit for less than $50. If you buy a ready-made kit with one Arduino in it, I recommend buying another separate Arduino-compatible board so you have 2 Arduinos on hand. A Nano makes a pretty good second Arduino, and they are $1.50 to $4 USD online. I prefer to buy from eBay sellers who specialize in electronics and Arduino, rather than buying from some of them who also sell fire starting flints, underwear, and other crap. gc_supermarket and alice1101983 are a couple of my favorite sellers and others on this forum have mentioned them as well.

If you do not have a soldering iron and solder, buy a soldering kit, too. You can search for posts on the forum where it has been discussed before about soldering techniques, and the best soldering iron types to get, etc.

Download the Arduino IDE software from this site, Get the version 1.6.5, not 1.6.8 or some other newer version because not all the bugs have been worked out.