Suggestion for the ArduinoISP software

Hi all,

Using ArduinoISP software I have to choose pins on my designs to not interfere with ISP pins if I want keep the programmer connected between each test.

This can be resolved simply by putting the four ISP pins of the programmer in a three states at the end of the process.

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It already does that. Look at the sketch. When ArduinoISP gets the "Q" message for AVRDUDE indicating that programming is done it sets the four interface pins to INPUT and turns off the PMODE LED (Pin 7).

Thanks for your answer.

Searching furthermore I discovered the issue. I use a standalone 328P and I emulate the led on Arduino UNO pin 13 by a simple 4.7 K resistor instead of the OP on Uno rev 3. Since my IR decoder was connected by a 4.7 K to the pin on the target (to avoid the need to disconnect IR decoder for programming) the input is on a dividor bridge.

After disconnect of the led all things work properly.