Suggestion needed: Wiring of hydraulic motor for Arduino

I am trying to control a hydraulic motor to power a cylinder up and down using an arduino. This is the pump I will be using:

It is a Mustang Convertible Top Hydraulic Motor 1994-2004.

Does anyone have guides/tips on wiring this to my Arduino Uno? I couldn't find any wiring diagrams for this motor.

What voltage/current does it take?
AC or DC?

For DC, normally use a MOSFET.
For AC, normally use a relay or TRIAC.

What voltage/current does it take?
AC or DC?

Any data about that on the big white label OP?

Mustang convertible is obviously 12 volts. Current is easily measured if hooked to a 12 volt car battery. Does it even work? Does it have to be oriented vertically so the oil reservoir works?

Judging by the wires, I guess 30 amps starting, 20 amps running. Running being less than a minute. More than a minute will overheat the motor.