Suggestion on wireless Module?

I am trying to connect multiple atmega328p with wireless module which can each send massage to the receiver. Most important is we need save as much battery we can.

I want know which one of the Below wireless will work for me:

  1. wifi 802.11b
  2. Bluetooth
  3. xbee
  4. Rf

Thank you

You may be able to save battery on the Tx by turning it to sleep mode except when required.

The Rx would need to be constantly awake to be able to detect any Tx.

You also have the problem of two Tx sending at the same time. Depending on how often the data is required to be sent, it may not be hard to overcome by sending the data twice with a random time in between.


We have two button in circuit so when button one is pressed the system will wake up and tx and the other button will put to sleep.

Rx only happen when the system is wake (when button one is pressed)


Hello and welcome,

Distance between arduinos?

Distance can be between 5m to 100m

You can forget about Wifi because it's very power hungry, and also forget about Bluetooth because range is too small.

I think good RF modules like the NRF24L01 with antenna, can do 100m easily without using too much power, but I have no experience with them.

Thank you for feedback, Rf is good but since the whole device is very small and can not add external antenna to it I do not think it can go as far. I know wifi power hungry but you do not need receiver you can just used computer.

I don't know a lot about wireless, I only used Bluetooth modules because I didn't need something else yet.

You have to describe your project if you want more knowledgeable people to help you choose the best option.

I think the best option for power is Bluetooth 4.0. The latest modules like HM-10 take sub milliamps and in certain power save conditions will go down to uAmps.
The "official" range for BLE 4.0 is 100-120 in best conditions.
But they are not multipoint-to-multipoint.
If you need many-to-one you could still do it, having many clients connect to one single "end" point.

The sell for $6 on ebay
Be aware there are some clones (know as CC41-A) that seem to lack some of the capabilities in the HM-10, and you don't save $1 with them...