Suggestion: Option to not close Arduino IDE when last window is closed

Hey, Guys!

First: this is a great forum. I haven't yet taken the time to explore it much while doing my first Arduino tinkering attempts - but going through it now, I am seeing that people here are treating each other really well - and this is quite remarkable and great (and also quite unique - guess we all know too many fora on the internet where people rant and troll a lot).

I just have a simple suggestion to improve the Arduino IDE at a point that keeps nagging me: whenever the last open window (with a sketch) is closed, the Arduino IDE opens a modal warning window announcing that it would close when there is no open sketch. I wonder why that is? Since I am living on a Mac now, I am used to software staying open even if there is no open document (to allow coming back quickly, and opening a new file); I remember that Windows has (or had, last time I used it...) a different behavior - Windows software often does close when the last document is closed (or does it not?).
Anyway, I believe that this shouldn't be the case. Imagine I have just finished working on a sketch, and want to move to a different project. As things are now, I would first have to open the sketch I want to work in now, and then move back to the window of the sketch I had previously been working on, and close it. This is a lot of work. It would be easier if I could just close the current sketch I want to stop working on, and then open the next one that I want to focus on. At the current stage, this isn't possible - since the Arduino IDE would shut down completely if I did this (in fact, even worse, it always first displays this nagging modal window that warns us of its intentions to close once the last sketch is closed; it would already be a great start to not show this window anymore and just close right away - so that the IDE would keep out of the way more, and not require me to go to the mouse to select a button in that modal window).

Does that make sense? It would be great to not close the IDE when the last window (sketch) was closed. At least make this an option (to accommodate the used behavior of people on different OSes). I can imagine how much work goes into the IDE (and I am afraid that I know nothing of JAVA to help implement this) - but this would be such a time-saver and improvement for the IDE...

Looking forward to Your opinion!
Best regards,