Suggestion regard's Controlling 1HP Single Phase Water Motor using Arduino uno.

Water motor i use :

I want to make the motor run for 10 minutes and stop for 1 hour and again need to run for 10 minutes and continue the same throughout the day.

I have little knowledge in programming arduino.

My doubt is about the "RELAY".

Should i have to go for "Solid state relay" [or] 25 Amps Rated Electromechanical Relay. Which one is easier to control using arduino though the arduino pins have limited to 20ma.


Use a solid state relay. If the input to the SSR states "3-32 V", you can drive it directly using an Arduino output (no additional resistor needed).

Electromechanical relays are less reliable and require extra circuitry.

Looks like an induction motor - if so you’ll need an SSR designed for a highly inductive load,
or it will just fail…