Suggestion required for migration from smartphone to Arduino with same function

I have implemented my project using a PC and a smartphone connected via WiFi. I have captured the smart phone accelerometer and gyroscope data for motion and posture detection and GPS module for location detection using google API. The entire project is implemented using python and the processing part is done on PC.

Now my project guide has asked me to search for the possibility of implementing the same by--

Smart Phone --> Arduino UNO

Laptop --> Raspberry Pi

I have primarily purchased one UNO, one mpu 6050 and a Lolin NodeMCU ESP8266 CP2102.

I have installed the default Arduino IDE and could connect the mpu 6050 and see the acceleration and gyro values on serial monitor using help from this forum and running the example program from IDE.

Now my queries are ,

i) Is it possible to migrate the same?

ii) I do not want to mug up with my existing python code, all I want is the x,y,z axis values and pitch, roll , yaw values from mpu6050 to raspberry Pi via WiFi.

iii) Is it possible to avoid the Arduino and directly connect mpu and ESP8266 and transmit data?

iv) A GPS module will be added if this part is successful.

Please help, as I have no idea about even the feasibility of this venture. I am ready to study if you provide me some link.

Why not connect the MPU-6050 to the Raspberry Pi and skip all the intermediate steps?

For a stable yaw value, you need a magnetometer or other external reference. The MPU-6050 cannot provide that.

For my project, the data collection unit and the processing unit should be physically separated. Earlier I used a smartphone for data collection and PC for processing connected via WiFi router.

BTW, I need to find the relative change in values, so if the same amount of error is induced on every data, then there should not be any problem.

OK, I could connect the MCU and ESP8266 without using Arduino and view the readings on serial monitor, by reading few tutorials in the internet. However still there are two constraints--

1) The ESP8266 is still connected via USB for this.

2) Need to have an independent python based server to receive data via WiFi so that it can be stored and processed.

Any link / help/ reference is highly appreciated.