[suggestion] SofwareSerial - stopListening function


I’ve found some problem with SoftwareSerial with my program.

I’ll write some example (by using parts of my project, so it might not work):

Let’s assume we configured stepper, softwareserial something like this:

SoftwareSerial SerialPort(pHrx, pHtx);

void setup() {
  Serial.println(F("<Arduino is ready>"));


  // set the speed at 60 rpm:


and let’s make simple loop for moving stepper:

void loop() {

Some would say ok, that should work!, but it does not.

My ph-meter sends data about once per second, and while I’m not reading it at all (i can even comment SerialPort.listen(); part), my stepper slows down once per second.

I needed to do some dirty workaround an my only idea is to do:

    pinMode(pHrx, INPUT);
    //read pH value now.
    pinMode(pHrx, OUTPUT);

So, here i’m suggesting adding some ‘stop read’ function to SoftwareSerial lib.

Best regards!