Suggestion to improve uboot config

In a previous topic it was written:

[quote author=Federico Fissore link=topic=259801.msg1860436#msg1860436 date=1409298427]

NewLine: IMHO it is a pity that uboot doesnt "exit" automatically when it didn't get any sensible input for e.g. 1 minute.

I'm not expert, but I guess uboot has to be too small for such a feature. [/quote]

But reading some autoboot documentation I get the impression this should be possible (at least for some autoboot)

E.g. on it is written:

It's not so good if the key press was a stray character on the console serial port, say because a user who knows nothing about U-Boot pressed a key before the system had time to boot. It's even worse on an embedded product that doesn't have a console during normal use. The modem plugged into that console port sends a character at the wrong time and the system hangs, with no clue as to why it isn't working.

You might want the system to autoboot to recover after an external configuration program stops autoboot. If the configuration program dies or loses its connection (modems can disconnect at the worst time) U-Boot will patiently wait forever for it to finish.

These additional configuration options can help provide a system that boots when it should, but still allows access to U-Boot.

This is done with the CONFIG_BOOT_RETRY_TIME define. I am not sure the Yun autoboot supports this, but it might be worth checking.

Thanks for the suggestion. Tracking this at

It looks like it does not support it. See