suggestion to measure temperature in 4 rooms


I have an arduino thermostat that runs my boiler, it read temp on the living room, and also has a webserver that allows me to manage it from the internet.

I’d like to be able to read temperature from more rooms, wihtout big investments, so, is there any cheap solution that I can use to read temp in a different room and transfer the info to the arduino in the living room.

it only needs to share information each 10 miutes or so, so not need for a complex and realtime system…


I guess it would rather depend on the temp sensor you are already using, but a DS18B20 is the obvious choice, irrespective of the means of communication.

They can all share one pin, and the ones on 5m cable cost about 5$ or so. I'm sure they are available on 10m cable too. Your real problem is running the cable. The rest is easy.

If it is impractical to run cable, there are wireless solutions - at a price.

Wireless temperature sensors for the 433 MHz band are pretty cheap and most can be received and decoded using a very cheap 433 MHz receiver and an Arduino. Here is one example, there are many others on line:


I'm thinking on going to 433mhz wireless solution.

I've found the recivers (I think it's this:, this and this: but I do not understand the differences among them...) but I do not find any temp sensor (economical) that works with 433Mhz, any suggestion?

All of the RF modules you linked require a microcontroller (e.g. and Arduino) to measure the temperature and to control the module to transmit that measurement somewhere else. You need another Arduino and receiver at the other end.

The first two modules are bidirectional transmitters/receivers and are "smart". They are rather complicated to control but you can use the NRF905 library to run them:

The last module is a "dumb" transmitter (you need a matching receiver) but it and the matching receiver can be controlled by the VirtualWire library.

An advantage of the latter approach is that an Arduino with a 433 MHz receiver and the right software can intercept and decode many of the inexpensive, commercial remote temperature sensors, like those from Oregon Scientific or Acurite. That is a lot less hassle but less fun that coding stuff yourself.