Suggestions and guidence please

I am new to Arduino and what I am looking forward to do with Arduino is to automate my fishtank
Wanted to get the following things started and stopped at specific time and conditions

  1. Lights
    2.Solenoid for CO2

So from what I gather by reading the information is, I need following hardware to accomplish it
1.Arduino Uno board
2.RTC DS1307 Breakout board
3.Relay Control Board with 3 Relays

Now do let me know if I require any other hardware than these
Or did I got it all wrong?


With an Arduino Uno, a real time clock module, and relay module, yes, you should be able to have the microcontroller turn on or off lights or whatever at a specific time.

Thanks bigred1212

Now thats a go ahead for me. So wish me good luck
Thanks and regards

Good luck.

If you are presumeably going to have things switched on for long periods, you might want to look at a latching relay over a regular relay. A latching relay doesn't have to be energized to hold things in particular state.

Shop around.


That relay is what exactly I must be going for , but sadly I already bought this relay

Anyway let me try and get this all working. Appreciate your help very much, makes big difference for a newbie like me on this kind of forums


Hi, this application for arduino has be discussed many times.
In the top right hand corner of the page is a search facility
type in aquarium and see what comes back, most of your questions will possibly be answered there.

Tom..... :slight_smile:

Thank you Tom for the suggestion
In fact I did that and it gave me so much information I almost got drowned in it so wanted a very clear idea about how I am doing, so I posted it here

Thanks anyway

Another thing to consider is expansion. It’s quite likely that you will have ideas for additional features once you get this working. Consider getting more hardware than you need - i.e. rather than a three relay board, eight might have been nice.