Suggestions for 50 amp dc motor driver?

Can anyone suggest where I can find a low cost 24 vdc regenerative brushed dc motor driver at least 50 Amp? Something like this: - but cheaper. I have looked on Ebay but could not find anything. Thanks for any suggestions.

local golf club - somebody trying to get rid of a scrap heap ?

A standard H-bridge driver will work in regenerative mode with a brushed DC motor if you drive it appropriately, e.g. on one side of the H-bridge you turn the lower mosfet on, and you PWM the other half of the H-bridge. The reason is that the lower mosfet that you are PWMing, the inductance of the motor, and the flyback diode of the upper mosfet combine to work as a flyback converter, if the motor is generating more voltage than the PWM'd supply voltage.

You might want to make it more efficient by using an inductor in series with the motor, and using external Schottky flyback diodes instead of relying on the mosfet body diodes.

50A Dual-Channel motor drive, $25.90

I have no clue about this vendor or product, You're on your own.

I have looked on Ebay but could not find anything.

Try keyword "50A dual channel" or "50A motor drive" search at Ebay.