Suggestions for a user interface for a nasal pressure measurement system


I've recently joined a project to continue a nasal pressure measurement system, it consists of one pressure sensor communicating through I2C with the Arduino which in turn sends the data to Labview to be shown to the user. However, after some execution time I find that Labview consumes too much resources. and the next step of the project is to add even more sensors. My concern is that Labview is not a viable option and I would like some suggestions in what I could use as the user interface for this system.

I need that the user interface is able to start/stop measurements, allow to chose which sensors are active, chose the catheter being use on the sensors, show the data and save it with some basic info associated like name, age, gender.

To sum it up, I'm looking for suggestions for a lightweight user interface, I am familiar with C but far from an expert. I don't mind having to learn a new language or improve my C skills.

Grateful for any help

a simple lcd with some buttons can do this or a 8 hex display (it has some buttons and costing around 10 $ to a graphic touch display. and yes i think labview is too difficult.