Suggestions for bluetooth transmitter module to earpiece/headphones

I am chasing around in a circle it seems. My planned project is to communicate using a PIC18F4550 to speech synthesizer (SYN6288 development board from EBay), next transmit that synthesized audio via a bluetooth transmitter to a bluetooth audio receiver earpiece or headphones.

Sounds easy but the details have me going in circles. I think I can convert ASCII code to audio OK with a synthesizer but am totally confused with the bluetooth. There are numerous inexpensive earpieces found all over the places such as Ebay. From what I can tell, most are designed for use with a phone of some sort. and all so far appear to have simple passwords.

I have no way to type in a password unless I sent it in digital format from the transmitter. But the set up is not for digital, it is audio. So as you can tell, the major hurdle I see is taking a transmitter and some how syncing it to a non coded receiver.

Anybody have any suggestions? HELP! (and have a safe New Year's Eve tonight!)


bluetooth is in fact the lower layer(s) in terms of protocol stack. Above there are bluetooth connection types that include serial, audio, and several more. These different connection types have different handshakes/protocols timing etc. It is not so that every bluetooth device can talk to every other more than a basic we are both bluetooth connection (sort of ping)

a starter to understand bluetooth is - -

Yes Rob-- that is what got me onto my search. I ordered an inexpensive transmitter from EBay this morning that does not use a code. I think the best solution is just to try a pair and see if I can get them to sync. I will post back here after I have the chance to test them. If I can get a transmitter/ and earpiece receiver to function, I have no qualms ripping the transmitter apart and integrating it onto a development board. Thanks for your reply!