Suggestions for Code Scanner

I have a project where the label needs to recognize (at least) a customer's ID number and the date, something like cust #: 12345 and date: 07212020 (today) so it would be 1234507212020 (as a combined code).

I like the idea of a 2D/QR code reading system for two reasons. I can add much more info to the code if necessary (for whatever reason down the road) and it's much more 'modern' in design than a boring UPC, line style code.

In this project the camera would be in a fixed position (in the machine not held by a user), and the 2D scan code (a sticker) could be anywhere on a 4 inch diameter circle. Furthermore, the QR sticker could be in ANY orientation for the camera to read (upside down, sideways, whatever angle).

Question 1: Is a laser QR code scanner capable of scanning in ANY orientation as long as the complete code image is completely visible to the scanner? (look up RT330 on youtube if you need to see the type scanner I am thinking of using.

Question 2: Does an Arduino Uno have the processing power required to read the code while running a fairly demanding program loop using approximately 75% memory capacity?

Thank you in advance