Suggestions for GPS tracker project

So I have been working on a GPS tracker project based on the Teensy 3.2 board. I designed a pcb and ordered it through OSH Park, but it had several errors that prevented me from testing if the wiring was correct. The GPS footprint pitch was off by 0.1mm, making it impossible to solder, the miso/mosi signals were swapped for the microSD holder, and some of the solder had shorted power to ground underneath the accelerometer. Here are the main components it uses:

-Teensy 3.2 -2.2" TFT module (from ebay) -MAX-7c GPS -microSD card holder -LSM303 accelerometer/compass -RFM98 transceiver -MCP73812 LiPo charger

I am in the process of designing another pcb, but I don't want to make any more mistakes, as they are sort of expensive :money_mouth_face: . While I certainly do not consider myself an expert at designing pcbs, I am not a newbie, as I have successfully designed and soldered pcbs using DFN/QFN packages, etc. If you have experience with pcbs, can you give me some general tips, advice, pitfalls, or 'gotchas' that are easy to miss? Also any lessons you have learned from your own projects similar to this. I also have a few individual questions:

Will a chip GPS antenna give enough sensitivity for a GPS with tracking sensitivity of -160dBm (the P/N for the antenna is W3010 from Pulse)?

Do I need to control the impedance of the data lines to the microSD card?

Thanks in advance, CWashburn

Here’s a picture of the pcb.