Suggestions for making LEDs flash randomly like fireflies

My daughters would like me to build her a lamp out of a bottle. She wants LEDs inside the bottle and would like them to flash at a random pattern and duration. Kind of like fireflies. Anyone can suggest the easiest way to do this. I'm thinking of random seed to generate a random number. Or if anyone has already done this, code would be very very much appreciated. Thank you very much

This may help: Or this (with code):

Sounds like a fun project. Easiest way to do it? Assuming you have the necessary hardware, see if you can modify the Blink example to make one LED blink randomly. After that you can add more. In the Arduino programming application or IDE, the example can be found at File > Examples > 01.Basics > Blink.

Sweet!!!! This is exactly what I'm looking for you guys. Thanks for all the help so far. Please, if anyone else has other examples, send them.

There is a proper firefly simulation documented somewhere, but it is pure AVR, not Arduino, IIRC - maybe try AVRfreaks. Shouldn't be difficult to translate.