Suggestions for mounting & connecting small solar panels

I've been playing around with these small and inexpensive solar panels, the kind that put out 4-7 volts and 90-180mA and can be used for small projects like a toy solar car, or to power an Arduino Nano or Pro Mini project that doesn't draw a lot of current.

And I'm wondering how to mount them so I don't have to worry about breaking them given that they're encased in glass, and how to expose their underside leads so it's easy to connect them to whatever project or device I want to use them with.

The idea is to make them "modular", relatively rugged so they don't break, and easy to move from project to project, or breadboard.

My initial idea was to mount their underside to a plain, copper-free perf board that I'd cut to size, but that seems like a waste of perf board. Is there some sort of flat, non-conductive, easy to cut to size material that I can mount these to, that ideally could be used outdoors since that's where solar panels are generally used, i.e. waterproof?

Also, what kinds of connectors do people use for such panels? I'd rather not use bare wire as they're going to go from project to project. They need to be exposed via either male pins or a female header, like DuPont or JST. For my needs any would probably do, but I'm just wondering if they're a standard that I might as well start using now.

As you can tell I'm not a big fan of hard-wiring components, at least in the initial playing around and testing stages of a project. I like using standardized connectors so I can attach and detach parts as needed, until I've settled on a final design.

Apologies if these are silly questions. It's just that I tend to be a bit of a standardization freak. Makes things easier down the line.

Silicon Chip magazine just had an article on this. They recommended hot-gluing them to a piece of "gutter guard" plastic mesh. Or maybe silicone sealant. Something sticky, anyway.

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Thanks. I was just wondering, don't solar cells work better when it's cooler, all other things being equal? If so, wouldn't mounting them to a "cooler" material, like white plastic, make them somewhat more efficient? Anyway, my main concern is making them more rugged and modular, kind of the Makeblock approach.

Supplying ventilation to the solar cells is more important than the colour of the object they're glued to. A white object in an oven is the same temperature as a black one.

Usually the temperature of the cell isn't important. You lose a little power, but not so much that active cooling would get a net increase.

But what to mount them to, to protect them from breakage? I considered thin panels of wood but they'd rot if left outdoors for too long, especially in rain and snow. Metal would be hard to cut to size as I've no tools for that. Which leaves plastic, I think. Any suggestions as to what kind? Does it matter?