Suggestions for our Research Problem

Hi , i'm from Philippines and does belong to a science curriculum . We are currently planning on our research project . And as of now our group arrived into a topic of Voice automated door lock. This project would only to test its voice recognition and recognizing a specific word which is the password . Any suggestions please ?

Voice recognition is difficult, and you would need a far more powerful device than an arduino to do this



I suppose you could have a look at for a voice recognition Arduino add on. This can be programmed to recognise certain pass codes.

However, security systems which rely on voice normally work in another way. A person registers, he repeats a number of training phrases, and his voice pattern is stored. When the system requires the user to identify himself, he is asked to repeat a random phrase and the system can determine from the voice pattern if it is indeed the correct user.

For a voice operated lock, I could imagine that each possible user must register somehow ( maybe a wifi connected App etc.) so his voice print is stored and available to the lock. When the user requires entry, the lock voice module tells the user to speak a specific (random) pass phrase (or displays it on a display) and compares the result with the stored voice prints. A successful match means the lock opens.

thanks . Does arduino UNO r3 micro-controller be effective in here?

I have listed the main things we will be needing like Arduino, motor shield, EasyVR shield, DC motors, SD card module, and LIPO battery .. am i missing something ? aside from the memory card and LED's ?

I think that first of all you have to list the features that you wish to test and what you are actually going to demonstrate. You said originally that you were just going to test the voice recognition part. For example, are you going to have a real door with a lock mechanism and microphone and loudspeaker or display etc. with independent power supply. Or are you going to have a simple test system on a breadboard which is capable of recognising a voice passcode and writing a pass/fail message to the serial console ?

Using voice recognition via android device to control the arduino would be a lot simpler.

But I think a project that would be more doable is a knock pattern sensor or a touch/tap pattern sensor.

You'll still have to learn the coding which will take up a whole lot of time.

When is your deadline?

It is a fairly challenging project for a beginner to make a lock that is operated by a number keypad, with a specific number as a password.

I suggest you start there and work your way up to voice recognition.