Suggestions for PC (or Android tablet) program to view images side by side

I have several pairs of images that make up a single image. I know how to join the images to make a larger JPG. But for most of the time I am content to view the images separately so I don't want to go to the trouble (or waste the disk space) of joining the pairs.

However it would be nice to have a program that would allow me to temporarily view a pair side by side without any visible seam.

So far Google has failed me - probably because what I want does not exist.


Only what google offers Robin.

I know a couple of win programs offer seperate preview when editing but they cost money.

Write one yourself using processing.

Write one yourself using processing.

I am thinking of doing that using Python.

I refuse to use Processing because it does not allow the use of an external editor. If a Processing program could run on an Android tablet I might change my mind.


Processing has an Android mode. I have experimented with it a little using example programs and my Android tablet.

Processing for Android

I decided to bite the bullet and just convert all the pairs to larger JPGs that combine both images.

@groundFungus, thanks for the Processing - Android link. I will investigate