Suggestions for power Bus?

I'm still a newbie, and wondering how to create a power bus, when I move from the breadboard, to my packaged design.

I'd like to use 2-pin JST connectors for all of my module connections. So I'd like to create a DC power bus that has a row of 10-12 female JST connections.

Is there something that is already available commercially? Or am I going to have to lay a slug of solder between holes in a perfboard? (I'd rather not)

Using a 9V external power supply....

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How many pins for DC power? I'd think that 3 pins are a minimum for active devices with GND, Vcc and Data.

Shall your bus cover all 10-12 devices on a single line, or individual ports for each device? I2C modules can be daisy chained.

What's the use of the 9V exernal supply? Do all your modules have their own voltage regulators?

I think that you should explain a bit more about your project.

Fair enough.

Yes, the bus will cover all the devices. I intend to make them easily swappable. Especially since about 4 of the modules are relays. Maybe I'm not quite sure just yet how to deal with the data lines. That could be part of any suggestion. It probably would be good to go to 3 wires, and use a JST harness for the data, as well. Probably need a fool-proofing strategy for connections.

I only have a single I2C device - an LCD . So I have individual ports for almost all devices.

The external 9V power supply is overall system power, through the Japan Jack.

Should have also mentioned that I'm planning to build a shield that I can backpack onto an UNO. No dupont cables.

Of the JST connectors were 0.1" pitch (2.54 mm) then you would simply mount them on stripboard.

I suspect however, that they are not.

Stripboard. I had not heard of this before. Yes. This. Is. What. I. Wanted...

Thank you.

Careful of the weird spacings....

You're definitely right about that. It seems most of the available PCBs have to be oriented 90 degrees to the way I'd like them to be...

Adafruit makes a mini solderable breadboard that will work perfectly for my harness plug ins. I can fit (10) 3-pin JST connectors on a satellite board, I've got some other boards that work perfectly for the shield - but the kick is that they are snappable. So they're ugly. :poop:

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