Suggestions for uploading large amounts of log data via 3G


I intend to make a project with a mega which will be monitoring a large number of sensors, recording them onto a file and then this file needs to be uploaded via 3G to another computer daily.

Size of this file is likely to be at least 20Mb per day, possibly higher. I'm not concerned if it takes a long time to obtain BUT if there is no resume in a send then the chances of ever receiving it are slight as the 3G signal is not ideal.

I need RTC, storage and this communication.

Not certain if it's better to use a 3G router and maybe a USB stick in it and use it for the data storage or keep an SD card ON the mega etc.

What would be the best method of getting these files automatically? Better for Mega to SEND the file or better to get a client to pull the files off? I'm confused with benefits etc of ftp vs webservers etc.

Can one compress the file somehow as it would compress well?