Suggestions for Wifi enabled monitor and control project with data logging

I am a newbie working towards the goal of creating a device that will remotely monitor and control my electric food smoker. I have completed proof of concept of the temperature monitoring aspect (temperature probes that monitor the temp of the smoker itself, the food within, and ambient) simply streaming the temps over the serial monitor. I have also now successfully connected a ESP8266 (the cheap, small ESP-01 version) to my arduino such that I can send AT commands to the ESP and did a little proof of concept of hosting a web server on the ESP.

Now I am a bit halted by being overwhelmed with selecting possible ways forward. Here is what I am hoping to achieve: 1. From some remote interface (web browser, custom Android app, Blynk or similar?) view the current temperature readings being reported by my UNO/ESP device. 2. Remotely view and change a target set temperature for the smoker (ultimately the UNO/ESP device will control the heating element via relay to keep the smoker near the set temp). 3. Send periodic time-stamped temperature data to somewhere for later data analysis. I would prefer to avoid using a SD card local to the device and would rather be just sending the data somewhere off-device.

I see lots of projects/services/libraries out there like Blynk,,,,, IFTTT, and probably tons of options I have not yet discovered. I am overwhelmed by understanding how some combination of these and/or hosting my own website on my home network, plus whatever I don't yet know can work to help me achieve my goals.

So I am hoping here to start a conversation and/or brainstorming session among the community experts to help me zero in on some good candidate solutions. Or perhaps just to point me at some services I haven't yet considered. TIA.