Suggestions on buying arduino board for IoT projects


I am new to Arduino. I want to buy Arduino board for IoT projects.

Can anyone suggest me?

Thanks in advance!!!

You can always start with the UNO, maybe even the MEGA if you are planning on controlling alot of sensors.. But others can def chime in and provide better reasons why for each board..

Do you have an idea of what you want to try first?

How are you planning to connect the Arduino to the network (WiFi, Ethernet, etc.)?

Will the Arduino be exposed to the internet or only your internal network?

On the basis of your thin description of what you want to do, and the word "Arduino", the only obvious suggestion is a Mega, or perhaps an EtherMega. Getting anything less may be something you regret. You may find that you don't need an Arduino at all, and a board using the ESP8266 will be a better bet. The boards with ESP8266 are more or less made with IoT in mind and can be programmed like an Arduino.

This helped me decide on the Nano initially: