Suggestions on how to approach this sound related project please?

Hi everyone,

I've been assigned to do a sound project of my choice for a college class. So I wanted to do these glasses I've seen in a music video that display the lyrics to the songs in a very visually appealing way. It's inspired by Matt Bellamys glasses in his music video "madness". Incase any of you haven't seen it, the link is there so you guys can understand what I'm trying to create. I do have some knowledge on how to work with Arduino and coding if that makes suggesting an approach easier

30-50 seconds in particular show the glasses very well.

I will be uploading more concept sketches asap but I want the design to be very close to his glasses. They may not have to visually look as stunning but I want them to display the songs of the lyrics as the songs continue or even important words from the song. In the video I don't think all of the words of the song are displayed anyways.

The idea is too use an arduino and have the connection to each lens of the glass and another connection to a small speaker that goes along with the project that plays the song.

Thanks, any ideas are appreciated.

You can get small OLED displays that would probably be suitable

Not sure about what you mean about the arduino playing the music. You'd need a wav shield or other audio playback module to do this.

You'll need to store the times that each word needs to be displayed e.g. in an array (list) to sync the words with the music.

One thing I don't know how to do is how you can see though the glasses at the same time. I think OLED displays are opaque
(but I could be wrong)

i.e so the wearer could not see anything

Projecting the lyrics onto the glasses might be better, but you’d have to track where the glasses were and keep the projector aimed at them. Not easy if the singer is moving around a lot.

For the singer to be able to read them, the lyrics would have to be turned through 90o horizontally. The easy way to do that would be to project into a mirror first.