Suggestions on how to mount an I2C Expansion Board for a keypad

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My first post in these forums and it is probably a simple one. I am making a counter project and using an UNO, 2 X 16 LCD display and a 4X4 keypad. The display has an I2C backpack installed and the keypad is attached to the I2C expansion board. My project uses quite a few I/O pins for the count sensor, buzzer and relays and simply didn't have enough pins for the keypad and didn't want to move up to a Mega.

I need to mount this little jewel somewhere and somehow in my project. There are no mounting holes in the board. It should be easily replaceable should it fail, but my thoughts so far have been to simply glue it down with some silicone which would also help insulate it.

My question is; does anyone have any thoughts on to mount this thing? A hack or some mounting 'thing' for unmountable goodies?

Thanks so much for any hints or tips.


PS. I did STF and Googled this and could not find a thing!

I’ve mounted this sort of thing by mouting four standoffs to the enclosure at the appropriate locations and then using a screw to pinch the board between the top of the standoff and a washer.

If you’re not familiar with standoffs, they look something like this (available in brass as well as nylon):

They’re even much more useful for mounting PCBs that do have mouting holes.

Another option might be to use a saw to cut a notch near the top of each standoff, which would allow you to do without the somewhat awkward screw + washer system. The nylon standoffs are very easy to cut.

I seem to remember seeing some pre-made mounts like this, but they had some sort of press-fit or adhesive mouting systems, neither of which am I a fan of.

in such cases I produce a printjob for the 3D printer to produce a project made mounting device.

It seems like the sort of thing that a general purpose (perhaps parametric) 3D printing model would be available for.

a look at grabcad will help.
Otherwise send a PM.

edit: naming of grabcad corrected
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Do you mean grabcad?

Double sided tape works wonders.

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