Suggestions on the hackthebadge board...

Now that the board has a basic bootloader working, and the first prototype generation of boards has had a shakedown, I’d like to gather some opinions on what people might like to see on a V1.1 of the hackthebadge board.

Currently, the only integrated peripherals I’ve added are a couple batteries (CR2450 cells) on a max1674 buck booster, a 3x5 LED array, and 6 buttons (taking up PORTA and PORTC, but easy enough to ignore by just using the pin headers provided).

I was thinking of removing the buttons and LED array, and replacing them with a 1" x 3" protoboard area made by drilling vias on a 10 mil spacing, as well as providing an area on that side of the board for surface mount attachment EZ-board/Schmartboard style.

I think you might be in the wrong forum. This is the Arduino discussion forum - is that where you thought you were? Or is this something based on Arduino that I don't know about?


The HackTheBadge board is a variant loosely based on the Mega, but utilizing a mega325p to support a wide range of voltages.

You mean this, I guess:

Do you target a specific project?

It's something of a cross between the arduino Mega, and the duemilanove. Since I'm using an atmega325p for the core, I'm concerned there might be some compatibility issues with the arduino IDE, but so far sketches seem to upload and work correctly when tested.

I'm still having a look at what differences there are, and what might need to be adjusted. On purpose, the pinout of the hackthebadge matches the mega pretty closely for the shield (but overloaded pin functions like PWM change).

If you don't end up removing the buttons in the next version, one suggestion is that you install series 200 ohm resistors between the switch contacts and their corresponding AVR pin.

What you have of course works, but if an inexperienced user ever made a mistake and set the pin to output mode and high and then pressed the button it would short the pin to ground possibly causing permanent damage.

A hardware design, especially one that might be used by new comers should not be subject to damage because of software if at all possible.

Just a suggestion, I like the board otherwise.



Good catch on that one! I'll add that to the errata for V1.0, and I've already modified the schematic to add the resistors. I keep forgetting that the mega can only source about 40mA per pin.