for the next time you do a roll-out. create a separate trial page, posts links to it and create only 1 forum to allow replies. all others read-only, like a comment forum.

Could be by invite only for the first phase.

it seems that the bugs on this roll-out could have been found easily on a trial page/site with 100 users.

I second the motion.

a little feedback. obviously, the abrupt switch with problems was exaggerated because it was software and about 99% of the people here would never put up with software problems. guess we expected that the simple things would not be a problem.

but, in general, the switch is much to do about nothing. The change was not really drastic and some new features were added on the user side. Certainly not worth us getting worked up about as much as some of us did.

For me, I was not happy, but after a couple days, calmed down. the post about adjusting my settings helped to give me a sense of control. although it was more of a sense of control and not really being in control

for me at least, the dust is settling. no longer unhappy.

suggestion #2

next time there is a release, Announce what the changes are. before we find our ourselves. seems that many people do not like change of any kind.

The 'quick reply' box offers some good points. allowing one to see the old posts with all the links, the auto save, etc. I miss all the formatting that was on the old reply method.