Suitable board for uploading data to webserver


I'm very new to using Arduino and considering Uno with some suitable shield for a new project.
The requirement is to read data from SD card and send it to a remote webserver. The data should also include GPS position.
Could you please suggest me the suitable shield I can use with Uno (or other Arduino boards)?

Thank you,

Hi Jinojs,
if you need to store your data in an SQL database running on that webserver, I recommend to look at the
Arduino MySQL connector which was programmed by Charles Bell.
His blog can be of some help for your project.

Br Dieter

Thank you Dieter for the reply.

At this point of time the focus is on just making the data reach the webserver and mostly no need to have SQL database.

Could you suggest any suitable Arduino board + shield combination for this?

Thank you,

Hello jinojs.

I believe that majority of the WIFI shields on the market for arduino boards are capable of uploading data to a webserver. You may check one of those shields made by adafruit.

Adafruit CC3000 WiFi Shield

How will it be powered?