Suitable camera to detect a laser blob

Hi all.

I hope this is the right category.

I'm looking to find a suitable method to detect, if that's the right term, light from a green or red laser pen as it passes through a diffused panel that is covering an enclosure that I can use to then illuminate a standard light bulb for 5 or so seconds.

I've done a little concept experiment with a small box and my Samsung smart phone's camera section looking inwards via a small cut out, and a piece of printer paper covering the otherside. When I shine a red dot laser onto the paper side, I can see a blob of whitish light surrounded by a pinkish hueon the inside of the paper via my smart phone.

Can anyone recommend a suitable camera that I can use to replicate that experiment in seeing.detecting that laser blob. I don't need the camera to give me a pinpoint verification of where the laser blob landed or from what angle it came from etc. It just needs to be able to see/detect it within the area in front of it so I can then use that detection to switch on the light bulb.


I've used a simple CCIR camera and Video Experimenter shield to locate a laser spot with pretty good accuracy.

Not sure if the Video Experimenter shield is available anymore, but it's not much more than an LM1881 sync separator and a some comparators, IIRC

Just been watching a Drone Workshop youtube video, so I might try using an ISL29125 or TCS230/3200 RGB sensor instead of a camera.

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