Suitable Driver

Would a TMC2208 be adequate to drive a bipolar stepper with these specs: Winding Voltage = 2.1, Current/Phase = 1.0, Resistance/Phase 2.1, Inductance/Phase = 1.5? Or is that a bit much for this driver. Other suggestions?

Do you understand the data sheet, at least for setting the proper current limit?

Your very best source of information is the chip data sheet:

According to it, the chip can handle 1.2 rms Amperes/winding, continuously.

Their website has a excel calculation sheet here.

A quick look suggests if it does work for you, you will need to heatsink the driver chip.

Looking at a Ref calculator for a 1amp RMS stepper on MAK3R.DE it appears the ref should be set to .709 V max. So I'm thinking the TMC2208 could do the job with a proper heat sink. Seems to be within the amperage range of the chip.

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