Suitable mosfet driver

Can anyone recommend a suitable mosfet driver ic, to drive a n channel mosfet in the high side of circuit from arduino?


You have to tell more.
Is there a power supply available at the high side ? for example 12V power supply for the gate ?
What is the schematic ? is it for high voltages, or normal voltages like battery voltages for a motor ?


It will be for automotive use so 1 12v supply available, to drive lights and motors etc. I've seen how the circuit can be done using a bootstrap system and optoisolators, but rather than using all these components I'm looking for a ic to do the lot. With my poor knowledge doing a search opens up a minefield of information.


Instead of a common normal reliable P-channel mosfet, you want some kind of special chip with charge pump and bootstrap circuit for a N-channel mosfet :smiley_cat:

Select a few of these to see what they can do : Do they create the high voltage for the gate ? I don't know (I think they do not).

Or these:

If you want to remove the complexity of using a bootstrap circuit and opto-isolators, then you should be using a P-Channel MOSFET to switch the high side of a load.

A suitable MOSFET driver is the TC4420 from Microchip, this can even be used on 3.3V logic.

Hi If you google Highsdie Automotive Mosfets

You will find purpose built mosfets designed for high surge current loads like Halogen Lamps and motors.

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